Working with ashes


Lumel Studios works with both animal and human ashes. At the beginning when ‘Tiny’, a huge bear of a man, brought in all of his past pets’ ashes, in a huge shopping bag, and requested a garden ball for his partner, we had no idea where this process would lead.

There are many options when creating glass pieces with ashes we have even made a glass and ash didgeridoo. We basically say ‘you dream an image – we can create it’ or you can come in and help us make it. We have created a beer stein for a son in New Brunswick, so that he can drink with his dad again, we blew a huge garden ball to commemorate a Brandon, Manitoba mother who loved to garden, we have sent pendants and blown Northern Lights orbs to multiple places across Canada and the United States.

Ashes can be mailed to us in a well-sealed envelope or container.  About a teaspoon to tablespoon worth of ashes goes into each piece and return postage (registered 8-10 day delivery) of the finished pieces runs between $15 - $70 dependent on distance and the size of the package.

With every object we create we feel the weight of the grieving, but also the subtle satisfaction of creating an object that symbolizes loving memories and life-after-life-after-life. There is a tangible permanence in a solid glass object. And if there is such a thing as a peaceful after-life I am sure all are smiling to know that they have gotten a chance to hang out at a glass studio in the Yukon.

Have a look at Lumel's video 'Recreating Oscar with his Ashes', it will give you a good idea of what it is like to work with ashes in glass.

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