Northern Lights Series

Northern Lights is a signature series which celebrates Yukon’s amazing winter skies. The Northern Lights colour recipe was developed by the Lumel artists during three weeks of experimentation. The iron oxides and minerals in the glass react with each other to create the vibrant dancing lights.


Ashes in Glass

A CBC article has resulted in hundreds of people contacting us about creating a pieces infused with their loved ones ashes.

There are many options we can create – we basically say ‘you dream an image – we can create it’. Colour can be added with ashes - adding coloured glass does not eclipse the ash swirls, it many ways it augments it. Ashes alone create a white small bubbled swirl effect – galactic in nature.

If you live in Whitehorse or are visiting you can come to the studio, pick the colours, help create the glass figurines or watch them being made. If you are south you could plan a trip to the Yukon – it is a wondrous land and worth a visit.

If you are not planning a visit ashes can be mailed to us in a well-sealed envelope or container.  About a teaspoons worth of ashes goes into each piece and return postage of the finished pieces runs between $15 - $100 dependent on distance and the size of the package. Contact us for more information.


Yukon Fish, Animals and Birds Series

From ravens to wolves to bears to moose to grayling, Lumel artists render both small and large glass creatures celebrating Yukon’s diverse animal population.


Yukon Lakes and Rivers Series

Yukoners and visitors marvel at the many versions of colour in Yukon’s lakes and rivers. Lumel's Lakes and River Series captures those colours in a variety of shapes and sculptural formats.


Winter Blues

In January 2017, we started recycling Lumel Studios’ glass shards. We anticipated beer bottle browns - instead the result was beautiful blues. Since then, every January and February we use our waste shards to create one of a kind ‘Winter Blues’ pieces, that sell throughout the year.

It is interesting that cobalt is such a dominant colorant - we do not add any extra blue to the mix. Cobalt also has weight. In the morning, there will be a thin layer of clear over the blue in the furnace’s crucible and as we gather throughout the day, it becomes a darker and darker blue.


Happiness Series

Happiness pieces are created by Lumel glass blowers when we are feeling joyous. The end product easily mirror the mood, the partnerships involved in the creation and the true harmony and happiness of the moment.


Yukon Gold Series

Lumel’s Yukon Gold products are a partnership between Lumel Studios and the Slonski family that mine Rose Creek. Yukon’s history is rich with stories of gold fever and prospecting quests. Through the Lumel/Rose Creek partnership we bring the nuggets to you in finely blown glass tumblers, goblets, flasks and decanters. Drink to the Klondike past or to your present prosperity and with every sip…know…there is ‘GOLD in that there glass’!