Group events

Lumel Studios offers private access to the studio. This can include demonstrations, hands-on glass blowing in the hot shop or a combination of the two. For a great look at how hands on we get click "Lumel Studios - Hands On Glass Blowing'. It is amazing how powerful and self-affirming working with hot glass can be. 

We can arrange private access for corporations, social clubs, large families, bachelor/bachelorette parties, youth groups, etc. Lumel Studios can modify private sessions to enhance individual experience and groups can also create a large group item with all participating in the creation of the piece.

Introductory Pieces

Introductory Pieces


6 - 30 participants
1 piece each

$40 per person

·  Create a flower, ornament, pillow bowl, heart or paperweight

·  1 – 3 hours

6 - 30 participants
2 pieces each or if you have previously created a paperweight you can blow 1 cup

$80 per person

·  Create two pieces, choosing from a flower, ornament, heart, pillow bowl or paperweight

· Create a cup (beer, shot, stemless wine glass, tumbler) if you have previously created a paper weight

·  2 – 4.5 hours

Studio Event Rental

We also have full studio rental for 100 people for an initial meet-and-greet, wine and cheese night, evening social, etc.

 Studio Rental for a full morning, afternoon or evening event (3 1/2 hours)

  • Cost for venue and artists doing glass blowing interaction/demo

    • $1,120 + GST – this includes full use of the studio with glass blowers working at one bench throughout your time at the studio. The glass blowing takes up 1/8th of the studio space.

    • We also include 1 piece that we create on site during your event and a lucky attendee will win it.

    • Lumel’s antique barrels can be used as table tops and folding tables are available if space for food (in abundance) is needed.

    • Live musicians can be booked (at an additional cost), or a playlist can be broadcast over a sound system


Contact us to book your group event